JET, SET, GO! Holiday Packing List

27 July 2014

There's an age-old saying that travel makes you richer in ways you couldn't imagine. If there was ever a rule to live your life by, I would say that tops the list. Wherever you're jetting off to this summer, whether it be a stolen weekend away in the city or sunshine-filled adventure, make your holiday packing a stress-free zone with this handy list I rustled up over the weekend... 

Download the PDF version here: PACK LIKE A PRO with City Girl's Fashion Box

As an avid list maker, holiday packing can be a stress inducing nightmare. Long gone are the days of last-minute sitting on your suitcase to squeeze in those last pair of heels (that we both know you'll never wear!). It's time to get savvy. From collecting a stash of product miniatures around the year to stuff in your beauty stash to creating outfit combos for day and night, it's all about being practical - creating a capsule wardrobe is always the winning formula. 

  Top packing tips to beat the travelling woes: 

 Stay clear of a check-in meltdown and store all of your important travel documents in a safe see-through pouch - this clutch from New Look is bang on perfect - also doubles up as a great valuables case in your beach bag! 

∙ A typical Brit abroad, I never travel without a stash of peppermint teabags. A perfect remedy for settling an upset stomach and a great stress reliever, not to mention they beat the over indulgence buffet bloat.

∙ Always pack a Dove soap instead of shower gel, it's easier to carry (no leakages) and perfect to shave with!

∙ Bring along a cheap pair of exfoliating mitts to pro-long that tan, the easiest way to buff the body on holiday.

∙ When travelling to an exotic destination, keep your hair in check with an army of hair masks, oils and treatments. Lock in the moisture and beat the holiday frizz with leave-in heat protectors and treat your do' to multiple masks.

∙ Roll up a few plastic bags in your suitcase for dirty laundry upon your return, perfect for bikinis (espesh if you're swimming before your flight!) and knickers

∙ Play safe and make sure to note down all your important contact details, theft numbers to insurance details, photo copy your passport and make note of your phone service provider. A ten minute chore on home ground could be your lifesaver in foreign territory. 

∙ Packing that dress/blouse/skirt that always creases? Hang it up whilst taking a shower on hols and let the hot steam magically unravel those creases.

∙ Travelling with a group of friends? Invest in a multi-pack of clear coloured folders to stash everyones money safely, separately and securely in the apartment safe

∙ You can't beat an cosy pair of socks for the plane or walking around your hotel room, slather your poor feet in moisturiser after showering as sand can really take a toll on your tootsies!

This summer I'm travelling to the US, hitting up four different destinations - so please feel free to leave your own holiday packing tips and tricks in the comments below. And don't forget to let me know where you're jetting off to this summer!

Simple Treasures: Z collection by Accessorize

25 July 2014

From Kate Spade to Monica Vinader, my beautiful work friend Nicola has the most divine taste in jewellery. Swooning over her latest office show and tell, we instantly fell head over heels for the new Z collection from Accessorize.

Designed exclusively for their 30th anniversary by Zara Simon, the daughter of the man behind the brand, the intricately gold plated collection is a treasure chest of jewelled perfection. From dainty necklaces designed to be layered, enchanting semi precious stones and refined rings that are stacked to perfection, no wonder the collection has been so highly sought after - it's a precious find.

Naturally, I hotfooted it down to the King's Road branch and treated myself to the beautiful Aura Precious Stone ring. Gold plated and fitting wonderfully, Zara Simons has certainly brought the brand bang up to speed and I simply can't wait to see what other fine pieces she designs for Accessorize. 

Will you be checking out the Z collection from Accessorize?

How To: Frozen Yogurt Fruit Buttons

24 July 2014

With the beautiful weather here to stay, the first thing on my agenda this week has been finding ways to stay cool. Whilst the temptation of endless ice-creams and ice frappuccinos is appealing to my naughty nature, however i've found myself throughly enjoying these frozen yogurt fruit buttons. Effortlessly easy and rather delicious, I've been freezing batches to enjoy as sweet treat come evening

Simply dollop a teaspoon of the yogurt of your choosing (I picked peach) onto a grease proof paper lined baking tray, then added some sliced fresh strawberries to decorate. Then popped into the freezer for a couple of hours, bob's your uncle - peel each button off carefully and scoff immediately. Delish.

If you fancied, you could also blend your own fruity concoction using a blender and fat free greek yogurt with an array of fruits of your choice. Next on my list to try is mango!

How do you stay cool in this wonderful weather? I can remember being in Cuba and the only drink ice cold from the tap was the local beer, must have been why I headed back the following year, eh!