Beauty Notes: Feeling Peachy

28 January 2015

Calypso Coral - Bobbi Brown

That's it. It's official. I'm fast-forwarding to spring beauty in the shape of this peachy keen lip and cheek pot from Bobbi Brown. A recent discovery in my stash, this unloved cream product went severely unloved in the blush department, only called upon in my most tanned moments (aka never). Feeling daring on a particular Sunday and certainly not letting this bad boy slip by the way side, blotted on the lips - it is quite the perfect peachy hue. Just the right amount of sheer pigment, it completely brightened up my complexion and made my teeth look all that little bit whiter. Bravo!

Have you ever tried the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks? Has anyone ever actually used a multi-puporse product successfully? It's a no from me. 

Thoughts: Getting Fit

25 January 2015

Nike Pro Safari Sports Bra at JD Sports ∙ T-Shirt at Gap ∙ Nike Pro Safari Sports Bra at JD Sports  Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit Energia Vivaz at Millet Sport 

Over the previous year, getting fit has been high on my agenda. Intent on building muscle in my knees for health reasons (gummy knee for the win!), I also wanted to push my fitness levels and transform my body into a fitter and stronger version. Having enrolled in my gym membership nearly a whole year back, I'm proud to have stuck it through and dabbled in a variety of classes. Alas with the beginning of a new year, means a fresh new start and already I have set myself some goals:

- Forgo the crappy carb-filled lunches and prep before hand. January was officially the month I became a pack mule and heaved a bag full of tupperware to and from work. Armed with healthy snacks (homemade oat bars and never ending supply of pink lady apples), granola with berries and fat free greek yogurt for breakfast and a mightily green salad for lunch - I've so far resisted the daily afternoon vending machine allure - and my purse has been better for it! 

Nike Dri-Fit Essentials Capri Pant*

- Trying new classes. Combat and Body Pump (weights) are easily my most booked classes. I've watched my stamina dramatically improve after high-cardio tracks and certainly feeling all hulk-like packing bigger weights on my lifting bar. This year however I want to book in for at least four classes a week and push myself into spinning (which strangely I find quite easy - no I don't know how either). 

Nike Pro Safari Sports Bra* 

- Embrace the green smoothie. Chugging back spinach and berry filled smoothies was no problem back in the summer, but come the chilly winter months my blender has barely seen the light of day. An excellent way to scoff the superfoods, I can't quite bring myself to look at kale or ginger in any other way. 

Bright is Best. Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit*

- Build up my workwear wardrobe. Let's face it, hauling your ass to gym is way more appealing when you feel comfortable in what you're wearing. I've invested in two new pairs of trainers (always Nike TR's, always on the loud side), a few sports bras (even the smallest racks jiggle) and a decent pair of leggings that you don't have to religiously keep hiking up. 

A devoted fan of Nike, their amazing Drifit range is designed to wick sweat away from the body and evaporate. Perfect, if you're are that tomato faced girl like myself. I always throw on over a baggy top  from Gap, super soft they hide a multitude of muffin top! The TR's are incredibly lightweight, move at ease and honestly put a spring in my step...

How's that for a mood boosting Sunday post? I already have my eye on a pair of shorts on the JD website for summer...

What are your fitness goals for the year ahead?

Swoon: A Touch Of Luxury

21 January 2015

There's no doubting that as women we strive to look stylish on the outside, so really why should our undies be any different? Sure, when it comes to bras the main factor is comfort. Whether you're blessed with a full-on busty rack or a small handful, it really is one of life's essentials to have them fully supported. From a simple lace number to an underwired game changer, whatever style you may favour - the search for the perfect bra is quite the task.

Ditching my trusty H&M bras (of whom had really had seen better days), I embraced my inner middle aged woman and made a beeline for good old M&S. Never beaten on quality, I was thoroughly impressed and amazed by the array of suitably stylish bras on offer.

The modern appeal of their Limited Collection range to their swoon worthy Rosie Huntington-Whitley range, I was completely spoilt for choice. With touches of lace, colour popping brights, elegant styles and shapes; I hastily picked up five and since (bar a few sizing issues*) I've been utterly converted, and nicely supported ever since. 

And if like me, nothing pains you more than splashing out on an expensive bra - even though girl math dictates that cost per wear really does make it value for money - I snapped up mine whilst they were on offer and managed to score all five for less than sixty quid. Thanking you M&S!

One more thing, if you haven't discovered the RHW range just yet, just which bloody rock have you been hiding under? I'm currently swathed in the soft cloud that is her luxury dressing gown and penning this post in none other than her stunning silky pj set. Utter bliss. I probably won't move for hours. 

Where do you browse for bras?

* apparently after a year of pumping iron in the gym, I have come over all hulk like.